HomeAway Picks GSD&M

Austin-based GSD&M has been picked to handle creative and media work for HomeAway (also Austin-based). The two companies are just a few blocks away from each so they were able to do some pretty cool things during the pitch process. GSD&M held a pep-rally outside of HomeAway’s office and HomeAway employees (see photo by Deborah… Continue reading HomeAway Picks GSD&M

Adomatica’s 200th post

This is officially the 200th post to Adomatica. Thanks to all our readers, comment posters, and even those lurkers who never comment or email us. In honor of our 200th post, We’ve updated our header and will be doing so on a somewhat regular basis. Please send your suggestions for future tag-lines. Here’s the first/current… Continue reading Adomatica’s 200th post