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Please Feed The Animals Soliciting Resumes and Portfolios

The blog for unemployed advertising people called Please Feed The Animals is trying to help recently laid off talent find some work. They are creating a new online resource for ad folk and hiring agencies to do business together. It isn’t a recruiting service per se, but a way to give exposure to job seekers and a talent pool to cash-strapped agencies. While the service will be free to talent, agencies may be asked to pay a small fee to help offset administrative costs.

Click here for more information.

New Tag-line for June 2008

Nothing much to say about June’s new tag-line. Kix may be kid tested due to its taste and mother approved due to its healthiness, but this blog is not kid tested or mother approved and I’m pretty sure it has no nutritional value.

Got any ideas for future headers/tag-lines? Send them my way: Robert @ Adomatica.com – If I use your suggestion you’ll get your own blog post with some good link-juice.

300th Post

Yes, it is true, this is the 300th post on Adomatica. I don’t have anything snarky or profound to share with you at this time. I plan to continue what I’ve done for most of the previous 299 posts. As always, please continue to send me news, gossip, complaints etc. I started this blog as a simple creative outlet for myself without any notion of growing any type of audience, so I guess that makes me enjoy the comments, feedback and suggestions even more.

Thanks for reading.