Lowering Your Ad Spend Causes Obesity

Ok, so cutting your marketing/advertising spend won’t directly cause obesity (and I’m not going to get into a debate about over-weight folks here), but a recent Advertising Age article leans in that direction…at least for Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig: Does This Economy Make My Butt Look Big?

Where’s my Lucite Brick?

Facebook recently sent out invites carved into lucite bricks to New York based advertisers and ad firms. The invites are to a November 6th event in which Facebook is going to “unveil a new way of advertising online”. More on the invites and the possible social site’s “new” plans: Facebook woos Madison Avenue on the… Continue reading Where’s my Lucite Brick?

Digital Agencies Ready to be Picked?

Keeping in the theme of acquisitions of interactive agencies like Austin’s own Springbox and other consolidations a recent Advertising Age article spotlights the Hottest Digital Agencies Around. My take on this is that the firms wanting to keep up have two choices:(and their best bet might be to choose both) 1. Hire up the best… Continue reading Digital Agencies Ready to be Picked?