AdGabber is Closing

A message to all members of AdGabber: “Hi Everyone, Sadly, AdGabber is going to come to an end. At least here on Ning. There’s just not that much going on here and it doesn’t seem efficient for me to continue paying about $30 each month to keep it going. But, all is not lost. There’s… Continue reading AdGabber is Closing

Congrats to AdGabber !

Just got this email from Steve Hall from AdRants/AdGabber: “A message to all members of AdGabber AdGabber Peeps, AdGabber has reached 6,ooo members. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves here. As you’ve probably seen, there are forums, videos, event listings, photos, blog posts (have you started your own blog?), groups, job listings, Adrants news,… Continue reading Congrats to AdGabber !

Who’s Watching Who #31 through #52

Yes, it has been 21 weeks since we posted a Who’s Watching Who. What? We’ve been busy. Here’s a Who’s-Who of folks that have checked-out the blogand/or emailed us to praise/complain, and/or any combination thereof over the past 21 weeks: (This time, since it has been a bit since I published my hit list, I’m… Continue reading Who’s Watching Who #31 through #52

Something Smells..It’s Enfartico!

I got an email late last night from asking me to checkout a new agency. Looks like someone is mocking the folks over at Enfatico. Enfartico Adrants take on the new “agency”: Enfatico FartsAgency Spy’s post: The Gastric Tones of Bizarro EnfaticoTribble Agnecy’s mention: Enfatico’s new office – a parking garage called