Link List ilLumination #1 – Adam Salamon

I have this list of “Other Sites” in the right margin of this blog. Most have one or two words in their text link so there is not much reason for you to check them out other then the slight endorsement of them being on my blog. Link List ilLuminations will be posts where I… Continue reading Link List ilLumination #1 – Adam Salamon

SXSW – Art of Self-Branding

Just sat through “The Art of Self-Branding” presentation by Lea Alcantara of Some take-aways (sorry not much here as the presentation was only 30 minutes long): 1. Branding company is different from branding a person because you have little to no restrictions, your own brand is very subjective, and it is organic2. Lea shared… Continue reading SXSW – Art of Self-Branding

Who’s Watching Who #13

Here’s a Who’s-Who of folks that have contacted us and/or checked-out the blog and/or called to praise/complain, and/or any combination thereof over the past week. Abercrombie & Fitch – “All-American Lifestyle Clothing”The City of Austin, TexasLockheed Martin – Aeronautics and moreSchlumberger Limited – oilfield services providerWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute – ocean science research – MA… Continue reading Who’s Watching Who #13

Your Brand and Reputation

Adam Salamon’s self-branding centric blog has really got me thinking more and more about how people “brand” themselves and how companies do as well. The internet has really made this ~easier~ for us with email (really easy to send out notes etc) and sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (really easy to create your online persona).… Continue reading Your Brand and Reputation