Next Comment is 3000th

Do you have something to say? Be the first to comment on this post and/or simply the next person to comment on any post on Adomatica and you’ll be the “lucky” 3000th comment commenter. Anonymous, if you are still reading my blog, please comment, I would really like number 3000 to be you.

1000th Post for Austin-based Adomatica

It’s a banner day in the old Adomatica household. This is the 1000th post! My first post was made back in September of 2007 and was fittingly titled “1st post to get things started”. Since then, I have posted on a wide variety of topics, but have mostly focused on Austin advertising news (I quickly… Continue reading 1000th Post for Austin-based Adomatica

Anonymous Comment and an Invite

Earlier this morning I got an anonymous comment on this post: Leadership is Not a Rank Like other comments I get from time to time, I have not published it. The anonymous commenter feels that I own Peter Drucker an apology for using his quote about leadership. The commenter feels that I have not been… Continue reading Anonymous Comment and an Invite