How to Win at Data Usage for Personalization and Beyond

5 ways to win with Data for Personalization: 1. Collect the right data -> site level as well a specific user level -> do a better job of listening 2. Be data influenced, not data dictated -> look at the data and decide what to do -> don’t just cherry pick data to support what… Continue reading How to Win at Data Usage for Personalization and Beyond

19 Words You Need to be Using

No. 1 and 2: “Sir” and “ma’am” No. 3 and 4: “You’re welcome.” No. 5 to 7: “Here’s what’s happening.” No. 8 to 11: “How can I help?” No. 12 to 15: “I’ll find out.” No. 16 to 19: “I believe in you.” Hat tip to: 19 Words That Will Make People Like You More

ShipStation – A year later

Last week marked my one-year anniversary with ShipStation (Austin-based SAAS Ecommerce Shipping) and I was, frankly, too busy and excited about what I’m working on there to post to my personal blog. So, the year has been crazy, awesome, stressful, wonderful, strange, fun, busy, and almost nothing like I expected it to be like. That… Continue reading ShipStation – A year later

10 Things I love – Austin

10. Austin’s strong economic climate – Austin Business Journal article 9. Everything in Austin is relatively close and easy to get to 8. Supportive Start-up scene – Capital Factory is just the tip of the iceberg 7. Cost of living is still manageable 6. Our bad traffic is still so much better than most 5.… Continue reading 10 Things I love – Austin