7 Navy Seal Sayings that will Help You Get Stuff Done

I love quotes. Maybe too much. Here are 7 motivational Navy Seal sayings that will help you push through and get stuff done.

1. “The only easy day was yesterday”
– every day is a battle and you’ll have to push more tomorrow

2. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”
– getting used to the pressure is a big part of getting to the big thing

3. “Don’t run to your death”
– grow, yes, but do it in a smart way

4. “Have a shared sense of purpose”
– make sure everyone knows what their role is in achieving goals

5. “Move, shoot, communicate”
– the team needs to be able to effectively handle change together in order to succeed

6. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”
– the right team doing the right things will be able to adapt when faced with problems

7. “All in, all the time”
– mediocrity and moderation will not get the job done

(Source of list is inc.com)

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