12 Website Features that Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Thinking about what website feature(s) you should launch next in order to increase your site’s conversion rate? Here’s a quick list mostly helpful to online retailers but some are good for SAAS companies too:

12. Ship to Multiple Addresses
11. Outlet Center
10. Overnight Shipping
9. Return Policy (easy to find/understand)
8. Express Checkout
7. Account Status/History
6. Shipment Tracking
5. Toll Free Number
4. Live Chat
3. E-mail
2. Customer Service Phone Support
1. Free Shipping

I should also point out that simply having these on your site will not increase conversion rates. There also need to be proper mention / marketing of the features. If you already have or plan to launch any of these, part of your plan must be how the feature is featured.

(Source of this list is Internet Retailer)

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