Adomatica has a new wordpress theme

I took down the Bueno theme. It was good (pun intended), but it was time for a change.

I updated to the latest year-named free theme from the WordPress team. It’s called Twenty thirteen and it became available about a week ago. It’s much cleaner than my last theme and also should be a bit more tablet and mobile friendly.

I want to thank Carlos U and Erika J for making this update possible. They didn’t really have anything to do with the switches I just flipped to move to a new theme but they played a part in the evolution of my blog nonetheless.

Carlos U was a customer service rep at who, when frustrated by the lack of a fast product search function for the customer service team, built what was basically his own search engine to quick query our 10k+ products and display the results. The method he used was not hidden enough so we figured out someone was pinging the site in a non-human manner. I quickly moved him over to my online marketing team. There was no way I was going to let such an ingenious person go. Carlos’s lack of fear regarding new technology and his naivety regarding business rules/practices was a great injection for my team. I owe him a blog post but that is for another day as I learn as much if not more from him then he did from me. Outside of, Carlos helped me move the original Adomatica Blogger site to the Bueno WordPress site. A few years later he left my team to take on bigger things and I’m proud of the things he has done.

Erika J is an online marketing manager on my team at ShipStation. The two of us have spent the last several weeks living in WordPress to get the new ShipStation site launched. Erika is very much like Carlos. Technology in no way intimidates her and she is native to social media and the tools used to interact with it. My knowledge of the inner workings of a WordPress site have greatly accelerated during this project due, in a big way, to her being so willing to walk me through issues as they came up. I was maybe too hands on with the technical implementation of the new site, but such is start-up life and such is my style.

So, with my new-found confidence regarding WordPress, I moved to my new theme today – just moments ago. Let me know what you think and thanks to Carlos and Erika.

Onward and Upwards.

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