Torchy’s Secret Menu mmmm Tacos

It’s no secret that the Gilbreaths are fond of Torchy’s Tacos. There is one but a few moments from our house so we hit it up for take-out at least twice a week.

The tacos of the month are usually pretty tasty, but they come and go like the changing moon.

Recently, I heard about a “secret menu” and salivated at the thought of a new set of tacos to try. I Googled “torchy’s secret menu” and easily found the list. The story, as told by the search results, is that Torchy’s revealed the secret menu via some tumbler posts. The posts were quickly taken down. Someone copy and pasted each item so that the list could live on. Here’s the list shown in order of my preference:

Trailer Park Hillbilly Style: Torchy’s gauche standby is made even trashier with chorizo and chopped bacon atop the usual fried chicken tender with green chilies, queso and ranch, served on a flour tortilla.

Ace of Spades: Jalapeno sausage link and grilled brisket topped with a fried egg, green chile queso, cotija cheese, sour cream, more cheese and Diablo sauce, served on a flour tortilla

The Hipster: panko-breaded fried tuna, with bacon, green chilies, and black beans; topped with cilantro and cotija cheese, and served on a flour tortilla with avocado sauce.

The Matador: Chopped brisket and grilled jalapeno topped with pickled onions, jack cheese, avocado, sour cream and cilantro with tomatillo sauce on a corn tortilla.

Jack of Clubs: fried egg and grilled potatoes with black beans, tortilla strips and cheese; all topped with cilantro, sour cream and Torchy’s Diablo sauce.

Missionary-Style Green Chili Pork: carnitas, pickled onions, guacamole, jack cheese and cilantro, topped with chipotle sauce and wrapped in a flour and corn two-tortilla tandem.

The Mad Cow: skirt steak with black beans and corn; topped with jack cheese, cilantro and ranch.

Thanks to KUT for preserving and sharing the list.

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