My Calendar Days are Numbered – a follow-up

My post on Tuesday was lacking. It’s probably best for you to read that post before reading this one.

Why, you might ask. What was missing?

Well, the BIGGEST factor to my success was missing.

I did a bunch of things to go from zero to McCoy’s, but it’s during my time at McCoy’s that things really changed. Not only did I get my first real-world (outside of eBay) taste of ecommerce, I experienced a life-altering change that I may or may not write about someday.

During and right after that change, I fell as deep as a person could in love with the woman who would be the true and “behind the scene” reason for my current success and for me being where I am today. She was literally the only one, at the time, who was 100% in support of me and what I needed to do next. She was someone who challenged me to be better, push me in positive ways, and believe that I could move forward.

I met Sarah, almost literally, “on the Guadalupe river” while tubing during a fraternity alumni weekend event. We were both at the event with other people. Again, that’s something I might write about some other day. This was just when we first met. It was later that the sparks really flew.

Sarah has been a source of support for me the entire time we have known each other. We have been through so much together. My change from McCoy’s to A.S.S. My grad-school days at St. Edward’s. We did at least one home remodel in that time and she gave birth to our first child less than 30 days after I graduated. She supported my, possibly irrational-jump, to Adlucent and she had my back when I was “let-go” less than a year later. She listened to me worry (whine) and she always told me that we would be OK. She was, of course, right all along. She supported my attempt at consulting while she put in long hours at her office and I did my best to take care of our one-year-old daughter.

Back to A.S.S. and more worry from me, this time, about the merger and looming acquisition. Sarah experienced her own major and drastic changes during this time as well. We decided that Sarah would end her 10 year career in Austin real-estate development to take on the bigger job of being a stay-at-home mom. (It’s a change that I know we are both continually happy and grateful to have been able to make, but it was scary none-the-less.)

Calendars’ offer and opportunity was the right next step for me career-wise and Sarah was right there, as always, weighing out all the pros and cons. She has this awesome ability to dig into the details of the pros and then turn on a dime and analyze the cons. I’m not sure if it’s just in her genes or if it has to do with the urban planning masters she has from the University of Texas. Either way, I’ve learned to step back a bit when we are debating something as she will always, and to our benefit, flip the conversation to the other side.

Many “Flip Days”, two more kiddos, and now my most recent change, Sarah continues to be the rock of the family. I’m able to take risks in other parts of my existence because of her. I can try to tell her how much I appreciate her, but it would never fully acknowledge or equal what she has done for me, for our kids, nor what she will do for all of us in the future.

Sarah, I Love you and appreciate everything you do for me and the three little ones so much. Thanks for all you do and have done to get us to where we are today.

Take Five!

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