Linkedin Group for The OnePercenters

Linkedin recently hit 200,000,000 users. Congrats Linkedin! Users were thanked for helping Linkedin hit this milestone via a simple email. The email told the user where they stand in a Linkedin popularity contest based on how many times their profile was viewed in 2012. The image above is of the email I received earlier today.

I jokingly posted a screen shot of my email on Facebook which inspired my friend and fellow marketer Russ Somers to create possibly the ~greatest and most exclusive~ Linkedin group of all time -> One Percenters only

Are you part of the Linkedin 1%? If so, forward your email from Linkedin as proof to rgecweb at gmail dot com and then request to join the Linkedin group.

Us One Percenters need to stick together!

In all seriousness, I didn’t do anything that special in order to get my profile extra exposure. I’m happy to share if you want some help with yours. I’ve also written in the past regarding Linkedin and related topics.

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