Pinterest will still be hot during Holiday 2012

It’s no secret, Pinterest stopped growing at an alarming rate in April. A quick Google search for “Pinterest Losing Users” yields pages of results. While the decline in growth might be true, I don’t think that it kills Pinterest as one of the go to things to try this year.


1. It’s Free– It’s free for users and it free for business. Free, in this case, means there are no monetary fees involved with using it. It might be addictive (I’ll do another post of this in the future.) and time is money, but there is no hard expense with using it.

2. It’s Easy – People have compared it to Tumblr. Sure, Tumblr’s a simple platform to share images and a bit of text, but Pinterst is much more simple. The hardest part of Pinterest is installing the little pin-it tool in your browser – after that it’s cake (Lots of food such being pinned.)

3. LL Cool P (Ladies Love cool Pinterest) – Woman dominate the world marketplace – 65% of world spending is controlled by women and the rate is 80% in the US. Brands should and will give Pinterest a big huge push this year.

4. Because I said so – I’ll be bold and say that despite any decline in growth rate, Pinterest will continue to grow. Speaking from the ecommerce side of things, this is not the time of year to start pushing the latest and greatest thing. I thing that ecom folks will start using Pinterest in a more concentrated ways later this summer / the early fall. They will do this by adding the Pin It button to their sites as well as developing their own profiles on Pinterest. We’ll see a spike in pinterest users and use during holiday season 2012. Beyond that, I’m not going to be pinned down to an answer right now.

Oh, I guess I sure share my own Pinterest profile too: Robert Gilbreath on Pinterest

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