Most Disappointing Article Title of the Week

Article title = “Ad firm Enfatico emphatically denies demise”

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know about its past.

If you’ve been in the Austin ad agency space long enough, you know about Enfatico previous known as Project DaVinci and mocked as Enfartico.

If you’ve been reading my blog AND been in the Austin ad agency space long enough, you know why the title gets me get a tiny bit excited.

Quick aside -> Hello, my name is Robert Gilbreath, and I am a reformed Ad agency space asshole blogger. Feels good to just say it. I haven’t posted what most would consider a juicy bit of gossip, insider info, or just plain bad news in a long time. (My visitor count proves it.) <- end of aside The title gets me a bit excited as it, in my opinion, warns of an article that will be full of hard hitting journalism, alternate points of views, and, I'm sorry, some good or bad news about an agency that I (along with most of the ad world) followed so closely during the summer of 2008. The article does very little in the way of exciting anyone beyond the title. The "Story Line" section of the article mentions nothing regarding the vast extend of bad press that agency got or the tons of people who lost jobs at other agencies when Dell pulled (with little warning) its business from most or all of its ad agencies. There are a few lines / quotes from a PR exec saying that Enfatico needs to do a better job of branding itself. Most ad agencies (and business) could do a better job of branding themselves, hell, even the great ones continue to do things to push along their brands. Enfatico is part of Y&R. They do not need to earn more business. They work for Dell. Their branding was set back in the summer of 2008 and I don't think we'll hear much from them beyond that. Austin Business Journal article -> Ad firm Enfatico emphatically denies demise

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