Tips for Moderating a Panel

I’m lucky enough to be moderating a panel at an upcoming Social Media Club Austin event so I figured I would ask for some advice on being a moderator.

The first person that came to mind was my friend and “Conference Catalyst” Thom Singer. Thom has written several books on the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business. He was quick to reply to my request for advice.


What are your quick tips re: how to be a good moderator?


1. Plan your intros of each panelist…. No not just data dump their bios.

2. Get the panelists to give you two or three follow up questions in advance.

3. Ask one round of questions, then go to audience for questions . Let audience rule, but if they do not have enough questions to keep it going, go to your 2nd round of questions

4 watch the time to ensure you leave time for each panelist to give a wrap up statement.

5. Thank panelists and everyone in audience who asked questions

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