Retailers Start Holiday Sales VERY early

I can’t release the name of the retailer who is taking part, but I’m putting together the mother of all holiday promotions. This one is going to be the biggest and earliest one ever launched. You are wondering -> “How early?” -> well, “Pitch Black Friday” will be Friday January 6th and will feature the best deals on the hottest electronics, toys, and games of 2012. I figure the best possible black Friday sale needs to take place on the first Friday of 2012. Hard to do it any earlier than that.

Ok, I’m obviously joking around, but seriously, this year, I’m seeing tons of retailers who are opening at 12:01 am on Black Friday and others are actually going to be open on Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of retailers who are closed on Sunday, but come on, Thanksgiving? What’s next, being open on Memorial and Labor day? 😉

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