Adomatica’s Picks Austin Ad Fed Big Wigs 2011

Ad Person of the Year – Bryan Jessee – McGarrah Jessee – Have you seen their new office?

Best Large Format Company – Austin Photo Imaging – Austin in the name gives them the nod.

Best Exhibitor Rep – Meredith Terrall – Thomas Reprographics – 25% change I am right.

Best Intern – Charlie Dunn – Tocquigny – I haven’t picked on their interns in some time, but I owe them one…a win that is.

Best Magazine Rep – Chloe King – LatinWorks

Best Newspaper Rep – Siobhan McKillop – Statesman

Best Online Rep – Charlie Ray – Broad Street Interactive

Best Outdoor Rep – Kristy Vivian – Billups – odd man out

Best Paper Rep – Mike Rogles – Clampitt Paper

Best Printer – TWG+ – you sponsor the event you get to win the big award

Best Printer Rep – Tim Koderl – McCarthy Print – I put my trust in him

Best Promotional Merchandise Rep – Frank Garza – Vamos Marketing

Best Radio Rep – Shannon Tait – Clear Channel

Best Receptionist – Julian Cantu – Tocquigny

Best Sound Editor – Steve Metz – The Sound Lab

Best Talent Agency – Aquent

Best TV Rep – Cindy Stepken – Time Warner Cable

Man this is a long list.

Most Likely to Be My Boss in 10 Years – Lucas Lane – McGarrah Jessee – best ad man name on the list

Best Video Production Company – Whitney Casey Productions

Best Website Development Company – nFusion Group, Inc.

Educator of the Year – Mary Ann Stutts – Texas State University – Eat ’em Up Cats!

Best Mobile Marketing Company – 44Doors

Best Social Media Company – Dachis Group

Best Industry Blog – Adomatica – Obvious pick

Update -> 10-23-11 -> The actual winners.

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