Kolar is now Proof

Austin-based Kolar Advertising, which was founded by Rhonda and Mike Kolar in 1989 has been sold to Kolar’s GM Bryan Christian and now has a new name. Proof Advertising. Rhonda plans to act as a consultant to Proof while Mike plans to pursure other interests. Bryan is currently pursuing more new business and was recently quoted as saying “Proof expects to have an announcement in about two weeks about winning a regional piece of business, a new retail client that would add about $8.5 million in billings for the agency.” He is also worried that some blogger is going to spoof the new name by calling the agency Poof. Ok, I made that last part up and they are not going to just disappear. Congrats to the Kolars on their 20 plus years of great work and to Bryan for taking the business into the future.

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