Latest Anonymous "Tip"

“Remember when this blog used to be about advertising? That’s back when it used to be in my Google Reader too.” via anonymous tip form.

“Remember when the crap hit the fan in the Austin advertising world and I was getting anonymous tips all day long most of which were too mean, hateful and just awful to post?” Robert

Hey, Anonymous Tipster… Feel free to share any and all advertising news you might know of that I’m missing. Thanks!


  1. Begging for tips?

    Damn, how the meek have fallen. No wonder I haven't checked this dog in awhile.

    Yeah, I'm your nemesis from back in the dark days of recession depression, and this sad excuse for a blog has since then descended into the soggy depths of irrelevance.

    I couldn't be happier, considering the demented glee you took in dancing in the ashes of those layoffs and their dramatic impact on people's lives. You wanted to be fuckedcompany for this new round of agony. Thankfully you weren't good enough to have earned the following Kaplan did.

    But you were sometimes bitchy, sometimes fun, occasionally relevant, and you had a black heart streaked with snark. We respected that.

    We did so even as you were tellingly torching agencies you had desperately wanted to work at, opining on subjects you knew precious little about (i.e. actually meeting a payroll during a recession), and periodically defaming pretty good ad people without so much as asking for their side of things. Who knows why, but we sort of liked you. Weird.

    Now, this sad racket is desperately trying to find a useful spot between obvious blog-curating best practices (pose questions! stimulate engagement!), do-goody business self-help ("how do you manage?"), and occasional reheated bits foraged off Google keyword alerts.

    Yawn. Squared. You're not even worth the effort anymore. I cannot be bothered to help you meet your ad impressions quotas by feeding you anything of value. Even crap I'd make up.

    If you haven't felt it: the economy is back. Keep up the blogging, chum. The rest of us have real work to do.

  2. I didn't and don't hide behind anonymous comments. Care to meet for coffee and say these things to my face?

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