Sit Adomatica Sit, Good Boss

I just got a really great reminder / lesson from one of my team members. It happened during our one-on-one meeting today. If you haven’t heard of or use one-on-ones, you should. You can learn more about one-on-ones as a management tool here:

Long story short, My team is doing an off-site day next week. We’re doing this because our office is being partially remodeled. The partially part actually totally effects my team as many are getting new desks. I’m a big fan of off-sites. I think they are good for moral, good for creative thinking, and all & all I feel like a different setting is a nice change. We’re also bumming a conference room from our partners over at Bazaarvoice. BV’s offices are very nice and I thought it would be cool to meet their for the day before we get into our new cool digs.

During her one-on-ones this morning, my team member, who is also a dog trainer, reminded me of a very important dog training rule that totally applies to people management. “The subject dictates the reward.” I had been thinking of this off-site as a completely awesome treat for my team without thinking of the possible stress it could cause to any of them. There might be stress of not getting as much work done or having to drive to a different location for the day.

Motivating employees is an art. It’s a skill that I think one can never totally master because people change over time and generation to generation. Different strokes for different folks, right?

What tips do you have regarding motivating others?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your management experience, Robert. Sage advice from the dog trainer.

    Now make the subject fun for those people.

    Happy long weekend!


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