Social Media Lunch Sprouts Austin Job Video

I held the third installment of the South Austin Social Media Lunch ( past Thursday (4-15-10). Turn out was fair and the conversations were great. Little did I know that the video interview that took place across the table from me would sprout this: video controversy on Austin
from this: How hard is it for an intelligent person to get a job in Austin, Texas?

Side note from the Examiner article:

“The Social Media Lunch is held every month at an Austin restaurant… The Lunch was attended and sponsored by famed blogger Robert Gilbreath and his coworkers at the Austin based who sat at the same table as the Examiner and Jacqueline. We hope to get to interview him in a future article.”

“Famed blogger Robert Gilbreath”??

Paul, I’ll do an interview anytime regardless of my “famed” status.

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