University of Texas AD/PR Event 11-12-09 Austin

Professor Gene Kincaid of The University of Texas, along with his Digital Media Class, is coordinating an Advertising/PR networking event as a fun initiative to connect the Department’s alumni and students.

All are welcome to come Thursday, November 12, 6-8p at the Pickle Research Campus – 3925 West Braker Lane in Austin, TX. For more information and to rsvp, please visit the Facebook Page.


  1. i'm suspicious of any digital/advertising gurus who:

    1. have gray hair (older than ARPAnet).

    2. make promo videos that have hashes instead of smart quotes (attention to detail).

  2. Sorry, but I must call BS on your gray hair comment. I've had gray hair since before ARPAnet but I'm relatively young.

  3. 今迄モテたのに最近イマイチな人、これからもモテる気配の無い人、モテて人生変えたい人、一度モテる度チェッカーを体験しませんか。良くある出合いサイトにリンクされるのでは無く、親身なアドバイス結果が出ます。これで人生が変わった人がいますよ

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