Enfatico Layoffs – No More Josh(ing)

“Enfatico had another layoff in multiple offices including Austin and New York today. They got rid of executives who were making too much money and a few regular staff doing the best they can. But the most shocking to everyone was our creative head Josh Sklar. He is the creative director worldwide, digital expert, and the one who runs the Austin office and the person that kept the wheels on the bus in an impossible situation for a year. He also has a few other jobs and titles. He works non-stop and is among the best many of us have ever worked with, a strong leader that inspired us and gave us hope and direction. Now that his sacrifices and talents have been thrown away by whoever is making decisions the rest of us are at a loss. What are they doing??”

I have no idea.

Posts from a recent presentation done by Josh Sklar: Enfatico Small Talk

Source = Anonymous Tip Form


  1. I also got this one:

    Enfatico had another round of layoffs today in the Austin and NY offices. The CEO appeared personally to encourage the remaining worker bees to "keep focused on the work."

  2. And this one:

    I'm sure Josh Sklar was great and everything, but he was hardly running the Austin office. Maybe he was running the digital side, but hardly anyone on the print side had ever even met him. Hopefully he made major contributions to the online team, but to the outsiders it looked like he was just a fixture that walked around blowing smoke up the leadership team's asses. I know a lot of people on his team are upset that he was let go, but that's how we all feel when we lose one of our own.

  3. sklar was never around to lead the austin team: never reviewed creative work, never stepped in as a go-to guy, and never provided real senior leadership. however, he was competent in travelling to the far east and ny, and acting/re-acting blindly to dell requests. no loss here

  4. I don't get it "Anonymous" maybe you worked somewhere else. Because I remember being in HR sessions with the offline and digital creative teams where Sklar was one of the only things everyone agreed was what was working. And he worked constantly. We wrote it on those giant sheets. I'm on the print side, even though he was in digital he was always available if you went and talked to him. And he always provided anyone who bothered with strong feedback, direction, and advice. I saw him defend his people and push back against the client on more than a couple of projects. Everyone around here agrees so I think I know who you must be "anonymous" and why you typed what you did. Sad. I see more than 50 people on his linkedin.com page have put their actual names and statements to strongly recommend him so I think that’s enough said. See you at the Barbecue Josh is throwing for all of us this weekend out of his own unemployed pocket.

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