Homeaway to Open New “Green” World Headquarters

HomeAway, the leading online marketplace for vacation rental homes, is one of Austin’s fastest-growing companies and also represents one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel segments. In just five years, HomeAway has grown from six to nearly 550 employees and raised more than $450 million.

Their new headquarters located in downtown Austin contains environmentally-friendly features including:

* Solar-powered panels on roof that heat the hot water provided to HomeAway (50 percent of HomeAway energy generated by solar and wind power)

* High-performance water-conserving fixtures in restrooms to save an estimated 234,000 gallons of water per year

* State-of-the-art control sensors to automatically adjust interior lighting levels to reduce energy consumption

* Enhanced daylighting through strategic space planning and the incorporation of large expanses of glass in the interior offices, and natural lighting and outdoor views have been maximized for entire office

* 32 bike storage lockers and four showers to promote carbon-free transportation and wellness

* Wood beams originally salvaged from New York State barns from 19th century

* Workstations manufactured using 46 percent recycled materials and are 97 percent recyclable

Look for Homeaway and other media outlets to post pictures this Wednesday evening.

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