Slimadatico – New Dell Laptop

“Dell introduces ultrathin Adamo notebook concept

As they say in the marketing biz, image is everything.

That’s why Dell Inc. unveiled a sneak-peek profile of its next stylish Adamo computer, the Adamo XPS, on Wednesday, 9/9/09.

The new Adamo is not yet a real product, but when that happens, it’s going to be very thin: 9.99 millimeters, which is a little less than four-tenths of an inch.

That would make it much thinner than the first Adamo introduced in March and thinner than the thinnest Apple MacBook.

The image Dell provided wasn’t a product launch. It was more of a peek at the design to come.

“At this point, it’s in the design concept phase and not ready to be launched as a product. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as that status changes,” said Lee Mokri, with Dell’s public relations firm, Enfatico.”

Source = Austin American Statesman


  1. And here's why Adomatica ain't no Agency Spy.

    On a week when Austin's largest agency made massive changes in its creative structure, our fair online rag runs only an article cribbed from the Statesman that in essence breaks the amazing news "Dell Makes A Prototype Computer."

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