Adomatica Gets BitchCo Slapped

So, I made a poor decision yesterday. I came across @BitchCo on Twitter, saw that it was “For the anonymous release of agency-induced angst”, headed over to and since it had no filter or blocking mechanism I posted for people to follow @Adomatica and checkout I know, I know, I spammed. I’m sorry. If I could go back and delete it like the owner of @BitchCo could, I would.

Here’s what @BitchCo has had to say about all of this:

“Why does every trendy PR guy got to have FB fan page, tweet, and blog and do nothing but masturbatory ads. @adomatica” about 3 hours ago

“… ROI ROI ROI ROI.” about 3 hours ago

“Nice that bitchco doesn’t have spam filters or approval systems. Too bad @adomatica has to spam it.” about 3 hours ago

“adomatica is a dick.” about 4 hours ago

“Wow. Now I know to never follow @adomatica because they’re a spam-tard douche. Thx!” about 4 hours ago

Again, @BitchCo, I am sorry for using your cool little tool/site in the wrong way.

I do have to make a few side points:

1. “Trendy PR Guy” – I’m not sure how to take that one. It’s the first time I’ve been called trendy or a PR guy.

2. “ROI ROI ROI” – Are you trying to say that I blog to get some type of return on investment or is this some hip/trendy slang that I’m not aware of? I really should take down the stupid ads in the right one clicks on them anyway.

3. “spam-tard douche” – I really like that one. It’s much more creative then just calling me a dick or tweeting my real/full name. I also like fuck-tard for non-spam related insulting.

4. Since you know who I am, would you mind shooting me an email telling me who you are? robert @ adomatica dot com

Have a great week!


  1. I'm glad you're able to understand the narrow and unsophisticated paradigm if that of the local agency personalities. It's a provincial attitude not worth harboring because soon all people will be out of jobs. If anyone who has a decent amount of exposure to other places and who has at least a decent amount of education, they will tell you that Austin advertising, is absolutely pointless. Move "Up" as Pixar does.

  2. Anonymous..

    what do u mean by Austin advertising is absolutely pointless? That sentence makes no sense…
    You mean.. advertising in Austin is pointless? or doing advertising job in Austin is pointless?

  3. "If I understand how it works, all of those comments could have come from different people, no?"

    Agreed, but that same logic would mean that maybe I did not spam i.e. someone else posted the tweet as if they were me.

  4. "Austin advertising, is absolutely pointless."

    Even if this was true, Austin is still way better city then 99.91237% of other US cities from an overall perspective.

  5. I'm also confused about Anonymous' statement. Having worked in other markets, and knowing plenty of people here who have as well (and are still well networked there), I can say that while the overall pool of agencies is thinner here, the quality-of-life far outweighs that.

    If you're good, there are jobs to be had here. But like any market, swings in the economy can wreak havoc; ATX may be a bit more susceptible due to thinner options.

    I would agree that the talent pool here can be a bit thin, but we also have a huge recruiting tool that helps fill that void: the appeal of Austin, Texas itself. Living here, swimming here, jamming here. This is not an insignificant thing. As such, "pointless" seems a bit extreme.

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