State of Illinois Bans Texting While "Driving"

I know it’s not safe, but I would have a pile of tickets come January 1st if I lived in Illinois.

From Chicago Tribune post “State bans texting while driving—some cans and can’ts”


*Can’t send a text message.
*Can’t read a text message.
*Can’t send an e-mail.
*Can’t Web surf.
*Can’t download ringtones.
*Can’t send an instant message.


*Can continue to use your GPS device.
*Can continue to use your cell phone’s GPS device.
*Can text if traffic is stopped and your car is in park or neutral.
*Can text if you pull over onto shoulder.
*Can text if you’re reporting an accident or emergency.


  1. *Can text if you are skimming money.
    *Can text if you are trying to bribe someone into getting you a Senator-ship.
    *Can text if you are Blago and NEED a hair appointment STAT!

    *Can't text if you are ratting on a politician.

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