Contrabrand from Across the Pond

“Paul Slater and associates introduce new Creative Shop that delivers unique and on the money marketing and branding initiatives.”

“When asked about why his new venture is different than what is already out there: ‘We are working lighter than other agencies, we have a range of partnerships capable of heightening our clients brand-customer experience and at the end of the day the work we produce is tight.”

Paul Slater, Executive Director, Launches New Creative Shop


  1. the agency is very real. i am familiar with paul slater's work with nikon live and coke zero…

    so, i think this agency is about to blow up…you heard it here first

  2. I am familiar with him as well – he made T -shirt designs for NIKE Jones Beach. His partner Dan Webber is being sued by another former agency head… Ask the former GEM NY people what they think of Paul or Dan from Contrabrand…I agree with 8/16 Anonymous.

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