SwapYourShop for Creatives

SwapYourShop is based in Austin and are working on a program that will allow creative professionals to travel for months at a time while keeping their jobs. They’re avid travelers who share a passion for design and they’re looking for others who feel the same. .

Through SwapYourShop, creative professionals from around the world will communicate with one another to organize a “swap”. When two people engage in a temporary “swap”, they’ll exchange living spaces, offices, local pubs, etc. while continuing to work remotely for their respective employers for an extended period of time. In essence, they’ll get to swap their lives and keep their jobs.

SwapYourShop allows the creative professional to:
• get a creative boost
• experience another culture
• learn how other creatives work
• share newfound knowledge and inspiration with their team back home
• travel the world!


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