Good News from T3

“Good T-3 news I heard From someone there. They started restoring pay cuts that they made earlier in the yr. Also a couple smaller new business wins they are not publicizing. Morale still bad but friend says it looks l.ots better now than January.”

Source = Anonymous Tipster


  1. I'm still working for T-3 and I will tell you this…EVERYONE is looking for a way out. After the past years events I believe that trust in Gay and Lee has diminished.

  2. T3 has gone from slightly relevant to not at all. Have you read any of the thinking posts on our websites?

    Jay Suhr (EVP) ripped off Burger King's A day without a Whopper and wrote "A day without Google"

    I'd rather have a Day without Jay!

    And Lee hired his sperm to run new business. Shoot us all now! I hear they're changing the name to Auschwitz.

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