Can You Endorse Me? NO.

I recently asked one of my previous bosses to endorse me on LinkedIn.

Here is his reply:

“Actually …. I can’t.

Our HR Department has issued a policy saying we can’t endorse or recommend
current or former colleagues online. It is the equivalent to giving an ex
employee a reference over the phone to a prospective employer. We have
always known we couldn’t do this and now they have added this. They mention
LinkedIn specifically.”

Does your employer have the same or similar rules in place?


  1. What's the reason behind their decision btw? Haven't you left the company already by the time you asked for a recommendation?

  2. The real news in this post isn't the policies, but that Adomaticas sole author and editor is out interviewing. When it's in your self interest to be seen as "professional," we chart three weeks of oddly named beer and Billy Mays. Crickets.

    Most of the agencies you want to work for have been burned by this Blog, its faith in thirdhand anonymous axe-grinders, and your inability to resist anything that even smells like blood, fact-checked or not.

    So you wrote your ticket when you signed your name it. Going quiet for a couple weeks is like Old Spicing up after a few hours at the Yellow Rose: you still got the stink on you. We know your name and we have your resume on circular file.

    Think about it: if you owned an agency, would you hire a guy with a loose cannon like yours? Sow. Reap. Good luck with that Linked-In recommend!

  3. Thanks for your anonymous comment.

    1. I've been "writing" this blog for just about two years. My frequency of postings have not changed based on my job situation. The only reason that I haven't posted much in the last couple of weeks is that I've gotten no anonymous tips and haven't seem much happening. I get bored with it from time to time.

    2. I do wear Old Spice, but I've never been to the Yellow Rose. I actually haven't been to a strip club in over a decade.

    3. Who is the "we" you speak of and do you guys really need to be wasting time making sure my resume is in some "circular file"? Also, please tell me which agencies have "black balled" me so that I can make sure I post more crap on them. (That's a joke..wink wink)

    4. If I owned an agency, I would go out of my way to find guys/gals like me. If you really knew me beyond what you think you know about me by only reading my blog you would be happy that other folks at other agencies are scared by "a loose cannon" and you would have hired me by now.

    5. I leave my comments open to anonymous comments like yours as I know (and have proven for nearly two years) that most people don't have the balls to leave the comments they do and sign their name to them. At least I signed my name from day one and, in case anyone doesn't know, my name is Robert Gilbreath and I'm always open to meeting face-to-face with any anonymous commenter.

  4. Goodness, bitter much, Anonymous Poster Four? Did you really just try to ding this site for not posting enough, AND for posting too much "thirdhand" stuff, in the same post?

    Wise up, probable higher-up in an agency that hasn't fared well in this open forum. There may be axe-grinders out there, but when a common theme develops, there's some ugly truth in there somewhere. There are many, many agency veterans in this town who know better than to take a job at the T3s and Tocquignys and Lee Tilfords of the world thanks to word of mouth. But it's a brave new world out there, and thanks to sites like this, you don't have to know someone to get a feel for a place.

    Spend your energy repairing your culture. It's a better use of your time than trying for some revenge on a site like this.

    It's inevitable that a site about the Austin ad industry exists. I wish there had been one long ago. And sure, the posts are going to be ugly at times. But it's pretty unfair to blame Robert for the tone of the comments, and the tone of his posts has always been fairly neutral (perhaps with the exception of Enfatico, bless their hearts.)

  5. Austin ad agencies burn themselves, it's not the Adomatica blog that's burning them.

    Did Adomatica create the great T3 "looks toward the future" video? No.

    Did Adomatica promise to change the way clients look at business with an agency model that EVERYONE ripped on (Enfatico)? No.

    But he does post award winners, agency jobs, rankings of local agencies and the scoop from insiders.

    Anonymous, you're off the mark here. This blog brings more interest in the community, and that's a good thing.

    Dare I ask – were you drinking when you wrote that response?

  6. "Getting a rise out of the vulture"…that's one way to put it. I also have the right to defend myself since I'm not doing any of this anonymously.

    Also, even if all I get are comments saying that I'm full of shit and need to watch my back, I'm ok with it…readers are readers no matter what their opinions are.

    Also, Artie, let's stop these random post and comment interactions and meet up for coffee or lunch or drinks. My treat. I still think I know who you are but wouldn't mind being proved wrong.

  7. Depending on the agency morale you may not get a recommendation. If not, then so much for professionalism. Work is measured by output so if you worked somewhere and met standards then an agency should endorse you. In the same view if employees are afraid of losing jobs which may be the case these days, then failure to write a recommendation may be based on provential management and fear associated with the unknown.

    As some Austin ad agencies do keep the "b" level mentality based on hiring "b" level employees i recommend putting your eggs in other baskets and looking into companies that seek your talents: Great PR, honest reporting and competitive analysis.

  8. Amiable fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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