Austin Ad Agency Reviews

I’m starting a new series where I’ll do brief posts on each of the ad agencies in Austin. My list is based on the Austin Business Journal’s 2009 Book of Lists “Advertising Agency” report.

Here’s the list in totality based on gross income as reported by ABJ:
1. GSD&M Idea City
2. T3 – The Think Tank
3. LatinWorks
4. NFusion Group
5. Kolar
6. McGarrah Jessee
7. Avenue A/Razorfish
8. ThinkStreet
9. HC&B Healthcare Communications
10. GamePlan Marketing & Events
11. Lee Tillford
12. IF Marketing & Advertisng
13. MQ&C
14. Sentient Services
15. Door Number 3
16. Persidea Inc
17. Cartis Group
18. The Ampersand Agency
19. Russell/Shaw
20. EnviroMedia
21. Corder Marketing
22. Steel Adverting & Interactive
23. JH&A Advertising
24. DeLaune & Associate
25. Amy Wick Marketing & Communications

Here are the 2008-listed agencies that didn’t make the cut in 2009:

7. Intra-Focus
12. Ad Ventures
13. MDS
21. Makos
23. Lyon Advertising

Here are a few that didn’t make either list, but weren’t sent to me by readers:

Sherry Matthews
Decoder Ring
Apogee Search

(Thanks to my “traditional media” friend for sending me the 2009 list.)


  1. Ok, yes, Makos did not make the cut in 2009, but SpringBox was not listed either. Maybe Springbox didn't reply to the info requests that the ABJ would have sent them. They are still doing work for Dell, so maybe that is keeping them busy.

  2. Maybe "review" is not the best description of what I'll be posting. Actually, I'm sure this will morph over time and via input from comment posters like you.

    What do you think they should include / be based on?

  3. Thanks for pointing out what the ABJ and I missed. Again, the list I posted was from the ABJ. They might have contacted those you pointed out, but if those agencies didn't reply with the info they would not be listed. I'll add them to the mix.


  4. Seems like there are more, but most are hacks; smaller shops who strive really hard to appear hip and trendy. Thinking of one who will remain nameless. You should have a list of "Most Pretentious Ad Agencies" who use Twitter to project an image but have nothing going on. Lots of that going around right now.

  5. FYI: If a company doesn't respond to the ABJ's request for info, they don't get listed. The list is completely voluntary on the ad agency's part, and I know for a fact that the ABJ does ZERO fact checking of the list. Whatever info you send in is what they print. As far as I'm concerned, the whole list is suspect because anybody can say anything they want and not get called on it. Sort of like Wikipedia.

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