Anonymous Comment and an Invite

Earlier this morning I got an anonymous comment on this post: Leadership is Not a Rank

Like other comments I get from time to time, I have not published it.

The anonymous commenter feels that I own Peter Drucker an apology for using his quote about leadership. The commenter feels that I have not been a good leader via the things I’ve posted on this blog, so I have no right to use the quote.

I agree that I might own Peter an apology for using his quote on this blog due to the normally low-brow nature of its content, but I don’t agree that my postings on this blog indicates the type or level of leader I may or may not be.

Anonymous Commenter, I would love to meet you face to face-to-discuss your take on leadership, my blog, and whatever else we think would help us both become better leaders. I can be reached via email at or on my cell at 512-762-3779.


  1. Peter Drucker is a brand. You like what he says and therefore you recommend what he writes because you identify closely with it. If another person rejects it (or tells you you should'nt use it), it's almost like they are intentionally rejecting you.

    Or at least it can feel that way.

    It's your blog, post what you want. Many people who read it are leaders in agencies or marketing departments or small businesses. It's apropos content.

  2. We Adomatica-haters love it when a commenter gets under your skin, Robert. The passive/aggressive "I just want to talk" approach is so conspicuously transparent. If you're gonna sling the heat, you gotta have a thicker skin than that, layoff vulture.

    No balls to publish Anons #1's post? And tragic to see Anon #2 kissing the wrong ass ("psst, when you get laid off, he'll rip you too!").

    Doubly hilarious that this little snit all sprouts from your Page-A-Day Drucker. How management-weenie of you! Study up: it looks like you've missed a few chapters of "How To Win Friends and Influence People."

    It will be a true joy when the layoff witch finds her way to your door, leader.

  3. Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. Things do get under my skin. I wouldn't be human if they didn't and this blog wouldn't be as "popular" if the things I write didn't get under people's skin.

    Your comment deserves more then a quick comment back…so more to come.

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