Advertising and Marketing Jobs 5-28-09

Online Marketing Specialist at Spiceworks – Austin, TX

Job Description

Nearly 1,000 IT pros join Spiceworks every day. Why not 2,000? Your job is to figure that out and get us to that level!

You need to build on the (frankly) incredible success we’ve had in driving one of the lowest-cost and highest-volume B2B user acquisition funnels out there. Because we have an excellent free product and community for IT pros we get great word-of-mouth, inbound links and recommendations. We’ve built up fairly high SEO rankings. We have a complex SEM program. We get good social media buzz. But it could be even better… and you could be the architect and driver of that.

Some of the things you need to do to get there:

– Identify additional sources of traffic, including analyze competitive sites, products, strategies and tactics
– Develop additional paid and free programs to tap into these audiences
– Tailor our existing ads for more audiences, develop and test new image ads to support our user acquisition and brand goals
– Optimize our existing landing pages, create new landing pages
– Understand and optimize our conversion funnel
– Manage the program, with our partners, using LTV & revenue metrics
– Provide quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily reports and improvement plans
– Work across the marketing & product teams to implement your ideas.

You don’t have to be a rock star in all of these… just a rock star in the making!
– Design ads, write copy (but someone else will build the ad).
– Run A/B tests. Understand multi-variate tests, Google Website Optimizer.
– School us in SEO & SEM tactics.
– Familiarity with social media campaigns on facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.
– Know good web design from bad.
– Set up Google conversion funnels and measure them.
– Write crisp, clean, effective web copy.
– Create a pivot table in Excel. Know what to do with the pivot table.
– Comfortable presenting… and drawing conclusions.
– Speak your mind.
– Beg for forgiveness, don’t ask for permission.
– Think about people in other countries.
– Familiarity with IT “stuff” is a big bonus.
– Ability to speak & write in other languages is a big bonus.
– Undergraduate education in advertising, marketing, business.
– Track record of scrappiness and getting things done. Pundits and ‘pure managers’ won’t do well in this role.
– Track record of accomplishing goals working with marketers, developers and agencies.
– 1-5 years in online marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

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