An Anonymous Note to Enfatico Employees

“This is more for Enfatico employees. I don’t think they’re being told everything. Look for a job, if you haven’t started already. Sorry to say, most will be out of work soon. Those other comments sound like they come from Schematic employees. Their company talks to them, unlike Enfatico, where there isn’t a straight story to be found.”

Source= Anonymous Tip Form


  1. Tip for people who think they know everything: You don’t know as much as you think.

    You all have been predicting the end of Enfatico for a year now. It is almost like you are just saying it so when it actually happens (which it will) you can say you were right.

    Dell did hate Schematic and it could be argued that they still do. And yes, all of the digital work might be headed that way. However, there are other aspects of the Dell business that Enfatico is working on, so just calm down.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    It sounds like *you* work for Schematic and are trying to get all the business you can by scaring away the faithful Enfatico employees. You don’t know what’s going on unless you’re on the committee deciding everything. So keep Scheming, but try to be a little bit professional, Mr. Anonymous.



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