Dell Tells Enfatico Not to Touch Digital

“Rumor has it that Dell has told Mitch Caplan of Y&R to leave all digital work alone. Mitch apparently gave up and called Schematic. This leaves Enfatico/Y&R to try to salvage anything of print and broadcast.”

Source= Anonymous Tip Form


  1. Schematic has been doing a lot of Dell digital work for over a year and from what I’ve heard Dell is very happy with them. They’ve been practically autonomous from Enfatico for a long time.

  2. Enfatico is in charge of all Dell global digital work across all of their business segments. WPP-sister companies like Schematic help with some US banners and e-mails. That has not changed.

  3. Enfatico may have the digital work today, but what about next week? these rumors seem spot on.

  4. “Some US banners” is the understatement of the year. Try close to all Consumer and Product launch work not to mention several Schematic employees who have been allocated 100% to Enfatico’s small and medium business work cause Enfatico doesn’t have the resources.

    Anything for Dell worth mentioning over the past year has been created and/or executed by Schematic from the confines of their shoebox office 1 floor below Enfatico’s palace of excess.

  5. Spot on? Schematic isn't part of Y&R Brands, so why would they want revenue going outside their group? And why would they send it to anyone outside of Austin? Enfatico exists, will continue to exist, so why move digital out of it? Makes no sense. Don't forget the 2008 when Dell hated Schematic will a vengeance.

  6. Dell has an internal group that actually has been leading much of the strategic digital work – or at least the work worth mentioning. They’ve been working with Schematic for over a year – even through the Enfatico mess.

    Dell never hated Schematic, they just had some issues with the Enfatico+Schematic relationship in the Austin office.

  7. Doesn’t the fact that Dell hates an agency actually imply that they’re probably good at their jobs and Dell people don’t know how to deal with that? It must be very unfamiliar to them. 😉

  8. End of September and nothing has changed with the allocation of work between Enfatico and Schematic. Why not learn from the reality vs. the speculation of posts like this thread. Face it: no one knows what will happen except the very few people working on it in Y&R Brands.

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