T3 to Sell Whorehouse

Ad firm owners asking $10.5M for historic downtown property…Dolly Parton sauntered down its grand staircase in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

**A few facts:

1. T3 had planned to sell this house long before their recent troubles started as they have the big cool brick building over on Lamar now.
2. As far as I know, the house was never an actual whorehouse before or since T3’s owning of it.


  1. Current employees (i.e., the few who haven’t already been laid off in the most dispicable manner) better hope the Gaddis’s get all $10.5MM for the whorehouse. Since the firm can’t is incapable of keeping clients or getting any new ones, real estate may be their last source of revenue.

  2. Actually, the plan WASN’T to sell that house. The plan was to sell all the other ones on the campus and keep the mansion as a client-facing manifestation of T3’s down-homey Texasness.

    But as Anon #1 pointed out – when you can’t keep current clients and can’t win any new ones, you’ve got to do something to finance that new monstrosity of a office they’re building.

  3. Man, if there were actually jobs out there to be had T3 employees would be jumping ship so fast…

  4. It’s unfortunate that the agency is so disfuncyional because there was and remains some real talent there. The New York office GM is incredibly smart and strategic and there’s creative talent in Austin and Media talent in San Francisco. If they would parctice what is preached to advertisers……dfown times are an opportunity to strengthen your business, not a reason to destroy it……

  5. There’s very, very little creative talent in Austin. Rich Terry and Chris Wooster are the only two I can think of.

    The rest sit in internal meetings and applaud the horrible JCPenney work just like they applauded the terrible Dell work and just like they loved the bad Marriott work.

    The account management and creative talent was in SF, but they laid all those people off rather than let go some of the “family” in Austin.

    I’d argue with the statement that the NY office is “incredibly smart and strategic.” They had to call in outsiders to help when Chase got pissed and told T3 they never bring any new ideas to the table.

  6. I was aware of the same, that they were keeping the house originally, I guess the tough times got to them.

    Not that I am a fan, but to be fair, they did get some Awards on those accounts at some points in time. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

    But yeah, they’re sinking…. and not enough life rafts…

  7. Rich Terry left a long time ago. Jay Suhr was intimidated by him. He’s actually done some great work. While Jay just makes noise and does lame work.

    I don’t know if they let Rich go or he quit, but he was the only class act at T3, and he was the only hope that there was any chance for good work.

    I don’t know why Wooster is still there. He could do so much better than that creepy place.

    I’ve depressed myself. I have to go to work Monday.

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