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“Don’t Sweat the Deal Size”

“The big change for us in 2009 is that we are more flexible on minimum amount of an engagement that we’ll pursue,” says Gay Gaddis, the founder and CEO of T3, an Austin-based advertising and marketing agency that specializes in digital media. In years past, her firm only went after client engagements that were worth between $1.5 million and $2 million. Now, “some larger clients are breaking RFPs into smaller amounts,” Gaddis says, prompting T3 to pursue accounts in the $500,000-to-$1 million range. The company, which had $300 million in capitalized billings in 2008, is still selective, however: “We won’t take just any piece of business,” Gaddis says. “We really want to work with large and midsize companies that are making digital marketing really central to what they do.”


  1. wow… after what… 4 rounds of layoffs T3 is finally realizing this? Very smart Gay. Nice job.

  2. Whatever. I could walk in there with a $50k project right now and they’d be all over it.

    They’re a lot better at PR than they are at anything else.

  3. They need a client win, even a small one, very badly. I think even the employees have lost faith after everything that’s happened with the client losses and job cuts. If you are sitting at T3 today, you’ve got to be asking yourself if T3 is even going to be around in the next 3 years. What is the value proposition for a potential client? T3 had provided excellent value when they charged the client Texas rates. Now, they charge the same as everyone else and unfortunately do not have the talent and leadership in place to play with the medium to big agencies.

  4. I have to agree. With big clients leaving this past year and nothing new coming in the door I think they need to focus on the smaller clients. Big clients are consolidating with agencies that have buying clout and additional resources. I will bet T3 will need to shut their doors in a year or will need to sell out to one of the big holding companies (they kind of missed that chance with WPP a few years back)

  5. I’m sorry, but “We’re going to consider smaller clients” is not a platform to run an agency on. T3 has absolutely zero vision. They think it’s enough to simply do what the client asks and keep barely meeting expectations and never exceeding them.

    There’s no understanding of big picture marketing. No talent to execute even small things competently. No value on creative. And no cohesive plan to go forward (unless you consider Gay’s ridiculous “Agency 2012” video).

    Someone said it right. They won’t be around in 3 years unless Gay and Lee step away from day-to-day operations and get rid of Jay Suhr and bring in someone who actually knows what good creative is.

  6. When’s the last time you’ve seen something groundbreaking from T3?
    All innovative work at T3 stopped the moment Kirk Drummond left to open his own shop.

  7. I think the only person who would suggest t3 was better with Kirk Drummond IS Kirk Drummond.

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