Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit 2009 – Notes

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit held in Austin earlier this week. It was a day and a half of sessions jammed packed with best practices, social commerce theory, and beer packing donkeys.

Here are a few of my rapid fire take-aways:

1. “Anyone can be an influencer.” – Sam Decker – Bazaarvoice CMO
2. “Make something that ordinary people want to share with each other.” – Jonah Peretti – Buzzfeed
3. Make it easy for customers to submit their reviews, stories, questions, answers etc.
4. Customer feedback/reviews should be shared with all departments.
5. Define your site’s goals – Agree upon them – Document them – Share them throughout your company.
6. Use the “worth it” test – Found in “Taming the Search and Switch Customer” by Jill Griffin.
7. “Your employees are your brand through their words and deeds.” – Jill Griffin
8. Map out your entire consumer experience process – there will be spots where peer input comes into play.
9. Jeans and a sports coat is new the business suit for the social commerce crowd.
10. Shiner Bock beer is colder and taste better when served from the back of a donkey.

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