Young & Rubicam CEO Email to Enfatico

“Last Friday, Hamish McLennan (Chairman and CEO of Y&R), David Sable (Vice Chairman and COO of Wunderman), Mitch Caplan (CMO Y&R and Young & Rubicam Brands), Celia Berk (Chief Talent Officer) and I met with your senior managers.

We all agreed that it was a constructive and productive meeting, and that I would share its highlights with you in this note. But I want to first tell you how meeting members of Enfatico’s team reaffirmed our excitement at your becoming part of the Young & Rubicam Brands family. We learned a great deal at this first meeting and left feeling impressed by the depth of your management bench. We are all looking forward to working together.

One of the things we wanted to do with our visit was to better explain how Young & Rubicam Brands works. And I’ll share that with you now, too. We always describe it in the phrase, “Best Alone. Better Together.” What that means is that we respect and encourage each company’s corporate culture. We appreciate that sustaining the uniqueness of each brand is how you advance your state of the art. Enfatico remains an independent company within our group. At the same time, we are organized to be “Better Together.” That means that the Young & Rubicam Brands companies are structured and practiced at coming together and melding our resources and talent on behalf of our clients. And in the weeks and months to come, we will tell you how we reinforce this with our range of training and development initiatives.

These are the early days of our working together. We have a tremendous amount of respect for the ambitious agenda that you have been trying to achieve. That said, we all know that our job right now is to thoroughly examine what’s been working for Dell and what hasn’t been. Then, together, we will determine how we can use all of our combined resources to deliver great work and great results.

I want you to know that we take a long-term view of all of our challenges, and that will certainly be the case with Enfatico. We are confident that Enfatico will be positioned for long-term growth. We also completely understand that change is unsettling. So I promise you that we will continue to communicate with all of you, so that you are informed and hopefully inspired by the progress we can make collaboratively.

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to your global B.U. or regional leaders. They have already formed lines of communications with Young & Rubicam Brands counterparts. While we develop an extended contact list, also feel free to turn to Mitch Caplan, who is serving as the bridge between Enfatico and Young & Rubicam Brands.

Once again, welcome to Young & Rubicam Brands, and thank you for your commitment to our clients and colleagues. In the weeks ahead, we will tell you more about the ways we encourage collaboration among our capabilities. For now, we hope you find this brief overview of all of our companies interesting. Click here to see.

Peter Stringham
Chairman and CEO
Young & Rubicam Brands”

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