McGarrah Jessee Gets New Site (Finally)

McGarrah Jessee has a new website.

Not only is this a long overdue update, I like it and that’s really is all that’s important, right?

Seriously, these guys put out some really solid work and now there site shows some of their recent work.

(I’d share deep links to some of my favorite work samples, but that’s not possible with their flash-based site.)


  1. i love the new design. very executed well. From a usability perspective, its a nightmare. now way to reference specific work, or clear navigation structure, and other huge UX gaffes.

  2. pretty, yes, but hard to get around. Also seems lacking in info about the company, or maybe I jst can’t find it.

  3. Their last site was pretty much unchanged for at least eight years.

    Their latest site is what, a few months old?

    That’s new as can be for mc-j.

  4. Like everyone else, I think it’s a nice piece. But like them, I also can’t find company info, navigate easily and more.

    Perhaps their business model is all print and broadcast and nothing that has to do with intelligent online experiences.

  5. Pretty looking.. That said, it feels like print designers/art directors worked on the project. Old school feel and does not convey their digital savvy.

  6. I’m relieved that you can at least click on the address and get to a map, although I wish they’d included ALT text I could paste into my address book. And/or a vCard. Just sayin’.

  7. I was frustrated that it did not have a lot of info – BUT the purpose of the site is obviously only to show the work, not to show off… And the work is f***in good.

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