1. Though it’s customary on this site to dump on other agencies, I’ll instead take a moment to commend Tocquigny on its use of Twitter. It’s a nice mix of information, kitschy inside info, and not over-aggressive self promotion. I saw but didn’t follow the 101X session, but T is on the right track.

  2. Thanks for the props Robert. You can read the recap of the segment on their blog at http://links.tocquigny.com/5w2q

    Since the show each of the DJ’s have gained around 175 new followers each. They stated with around 300 and are approaching 500 in two days. @jasondick101x and @deb101x

    I’ve also been emailing Deb with tips. I suggested she post photos and asked to see her and Jason in their DJ booth. Within 15m they posted photos of themselves on Twitter sans clothes in their booths.

    You are correct. We are not trying to sell anything on Twitter but we did get a new major client and several other requests for our services.

    I guess our “cube-of-the-day” contest, with no prize, works.




  3. sure sure sure…. You guys would have been much cooler if you hadn’t yanked my invite to your SXSWi happy hour.

    But, obviously no hard feeling on my end as I’ve posted multiple times about you guys since…and not negative posts.

    happy friday to all


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