T3 New York – We knew it was coming

“T3 new york had layoffs today….affected most of the media dept.”

Source = Anonymous Tipster

(Sorry to anyone who has ever been laid off from T3 or anywhere else for that matter.)


  1. Hey, there have been TONS of talented people go through T3 over the years. I’ve just never heard of any of them leaving with any respect for upper management. That’s been true since day 1.

  2. what’s a hax?
    Is the news that T3 is shutting down because they have no access to capital in this market and clients are jumping ship because T3 is a no longer a value proposition for them? Never underestimate the COO’s ability to run a once good company straight into the ground with poor operational leadership and high costs. I’m betting that Gay and Lee are kicking themselves for not selling out to WPP when they had the chance.

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