1. Interesting given WPP’s “right to refuse” clause for any Dell projects that prevents outside shops from performing work for Dell.

  2. Where is it confirmed that Dell is looking elsewhere? A random rumor that they’re talking to goodby (who still has HP) doesn’t really make it a confirmed fact.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the the shopping part is not truly confirmed. I will edit the post to reflect that.



  4. Thanks for updating. If they really are shopping, then please tell us (runs to polish resume) but the constant false rumors are just killing the little morale we have left in this industry.

  5. Sure sure sure…I hope you are contacting the fine folks over at Agency Spy as it appears they might have the scoop on other shops coming to Austin to talk to Dell about ad work.

  6. #4, if you’re working at Enfatico and haven’t polished your resume already, what’s the wait? Next time we’ll lob a brick at your head, since the subtler cues don’t seem to be registering with you.

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