1. Did you hear that in a follow up panel, Guy was called out as a jerk? Well actually it was a little more crude than that 😉

    Although it didn’t reach the backlash of last years Sarah Lacey’s interview it is interesting to hear accounts of crowd commentary injected immediately into panel discussion. And as much as I really like Kawasaki, we all know he can be pretty arrogant at times (its his schtick). I think the (predominantly male-geek) crowd fell into a little echo chamber adoration for Guy. When someone (a female) called out Guy for hogging the panel convo I heard the “boys” chimed in to attack the commentator like they were sticking up for their favorite football team 😉

    Would be curious to hear other accounts of what happened and what it means for the wisdom of crowds vs. the reaction of mobs via social media.

  2. Andy, I hadn’t heard anything about it. I just posted a question on Twitter to see if anyone has anything to share…


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