The Perez Hilton of Austin Ad Gossip?

I got this DM via Twitter (@Adomatica) earlier today:

“yo perez hilton of austin ad: 4 top-notch professionals lost in round 1 of tocquigny layoffs. represents 10-15% of workforce. (anon tip plz)”

1. Here’s the Tocquigny layoff post.

2. Perez Hilton? Really? I am not fat or gay. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Most bloggers could learn a few lessons from Mr. Hilton:

“1. Find a topic there is an audience for.
2. Find a topic you have passion for. focused on celebrities “because it was something I was inherently curious about, fascinated with.”
3. Be consistent. posts new articles to his blog an average of 40 times a day.
4. Be unique. an unique writing style and handwritten captions scrawled on top of pictures of celebrities.
5. Do not censor yourself.
6. Be provocative.
7. Experiment with the blog monetization. banner ads, text ads, wallpaper ads behind the blog posts, sponsored posts…
8. Expand your blog. TV shows, radio shows, clothing line, book deal…”

Source: 8 things every blogger can learn by studying Perez Hilton
Originally posted by Marko Saric on February 27, 2009 on his blog:

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