Google Checks Out of Adwords Free Promotion

Google used to give users of their Google Checkout system credit back in the from of free Adwords spending. It worked like this, spend $X in Google Checkout fees get $X in free Adwords. Well, per this email I just got, it all ends on Cinco de Mayo.

Subject: Update on Google Checkout transaction processing fees

“…We’ll also be discontinuing the AdWords free transaction
processing promotion on May 5, 2009. Any AdWords transaction
processing credits accrued during April 2009 will be applied
towards transactions that occur on May 1-4, 2009…”

They are also changing the transaction processing fee to a tiered fee structure, “where the rates will vary depending on the dollar amount of your monthly sales processed through Checkout.”

Is it just me, or does a little bit of the old Google die each day?


  1. That sux I was just about to build a site using that service. Now I have to think if it’s worth it since more people have paypal accounts.

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