1. zzzzzzz oh sorry I fell asleep. Oh marketing! you guys want to talk marketing. Cool So what should we lie about first?

  2. Neat office. I’d get more inspiration for advertising work looking out the floor to ceiling windows than those flat screens.

  3. That was supposed to be a tour of their agency? Wow. That just says it all. Is Tocquigny a front for something? How do you afford $30,000 in rent, but can’t afford to have employees?

  4. What’s up with the negativity guys? I enjoy the news/gossip on this site as much as the next guy, but sometimes it seems like we are hunting for things to make fun of just to tear people and companies down.

    This video was shot by Bryan Person from LiveWorld as a promo for the Social Media Breakfast event hosted by Tocquigny. It was not produced by anyone – it was just shot on a flip recorder and posted to the web. No one from Tocquigny was involved in this at all, with the exception of me being in the video. There was no script and no more than 60 seconds of planning went in to it. It was not meant to promote the agency in any way. It wasn’t meant to be a tour of our office.

    Tocquigny hosted the SMB as a way to give back to the social media community in Austin. We really should be focused more on coming together as a community right now.

    – Jason

  5. FYI, I did not dig this up. Someone else dug it up and sent it to me. It is a funny little video.

    Even if Tocquigny didn’t write, produce, shoot it, Tocquigny could have said.. “hold on…let us spice that up a bit before putting it on the web…Don’t you think?


  6. The Tocquigcqcncy office is one of the nicest in town. Showing it off to generate interest for the SMB was a cool idea, but this video is bad (even though it wasn’t done by Tocggquceny).

    Maybe that rapping snow-cone guy should do the next one. At least it was flavorful.

  7. Re: Jason’s comment–

    Maybe you should rethink hosting a “social marketing” breakfast if a video about your agency that you participated in 1) made it on YouTube, and 2) did/didn’t convey the message that was/wasn’t intended.

  8. I see Jason’s point. There are all kinds of video and corporate material out there on the net. Waste of time to ridicule every one. Plus, 90-95% of the agencies in this town could stand for some ridicule themselves. will it make us all better? Hope so. Sadly, it’s just too easy to kick people, especially when anonymous and with a forum like this. Smell you later.

  9. Sorry but Tocquigny and Jason dug their own grave on this. They put on the SMB meeting so that they could get PR and also pretend that they are an interactive shop. They are not an interactive shop even though they lie about this in order to win rankings every year. Let’s call a spade a spade.

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