Ok, Maybe just one Layoff Post – Tocquigny

Tip 1:

“here’s one hot off the press:

Tocquigny just laid off their top designer and top flash developer to cut costs due to a dwindling stream of work.

this is about 10mins old.”

Tip 2:

“That tip about Tocquigny was incomplete: four is the total.

A QA person, Senior Interactive Director, and then the two mentioned previously: designer and Flash developer.”

Anyone care to confirm or deny this? Tocquigny has been sent a dm via Twitter….

Sources = Anonymous Tip Form


  1. How does an “Interactive Agency” lay off their only “Interactive” employees, yet keep designers who are only versed in Print? Looks like Tocquigny is going to be consulting only.

  2. The previous comment kind of undermines the importance of a production wing. Sounds like they just lost most of their production capabilities. Is Tocquigny moving into pure strategy, then, since that’s where there is money?

    This is also pretty troubling because of how insulated we think Austin and digital marketing firms are; they can be hit just like everyone else. And I imagine, regardless of what the CEO says, these will be rolling, much like T3. Existing employees should be a bit nervous..

  3. all BS aside, this is a bummer. the economy is going to spare no one. i feel for all of the people that have lost their jobs, justified or not. it’s a freaking bad time to find a replacement.

    tocq may have its problems, but so does everyone else. agencies aren’t soulless entities that exist by themselves; they’re made up of mostly good folks. sympathies to all those at tocq, t3, etc. who have lost their livelihoods.

  4. Tocquigny is not a creative agency. The only clients keeping Tocquigny alive are Regent University and Teradata. Not much creative going on there.

  5. #4 and #8 are smart anonymous.

    For the people still confused about what’s going on around them, let’s review:

    In ANY downturn, the first things ANY company will axe are 1) its marketing and 2) its labor costs. Business 101, that.

    Our fair clients’ ad budgets, for any agency from Crispin right down to “Two Hacks And A Mac,” are our very lifeline.

    Unless you’re advertising for a collection agency, every agency in Austin has seen cuts in its budgets. Nobody’s immune. No matter how jacked or heroic its management. No matter if they’re in CMYK or RGB.

    (Still with me? i know this non-snarky stuff hurts the brain. But we here at the nut of it:)

    As a service industry, ad agency overhead is almost 100% labor. There’s no production line or materials or “widget suppliers” to wring savings out of. No inventory to burn off.

    We build and sell ideas, and our production line IS people.

    No budgets means no work. No work means the agency has to cut something. Lacking much else (see above), it has to cut people.

    It isn’t pretty. Frankly, it fucking blows. And we all have good friends and quality colleagues we know out of work as a result.

    But it really is that simple.

    In normal times, you can fire away at ownership and management for making their own bed and crapping right in it. But this is historically, even epically diffferent. Read the news; it’s a miracle we haven’t gone the way of “The Postman” yet (didn’t Kevin Costner just play at Antone’s last month?).

    It may relieve some anxiety throw crapbombs here, but do so with context that we are together walking through something akin to a historic economic napalm strike.

    We should mourn the loss of every job.

    We should do our best to hang in there.

    Los res ipsa loquitor.

    (…and don’t kick Robert in the nuts just because he has a layoff fetish. After all, he approves my posts. That takes nuts.)

  6. There shall be no more agencies! This is the beginning of the end. No more charging $200 an hour to find out what a little google searching could tell you in two shakes of a lambs tale.

    That is all. Go Spurs!

  7. Frankly, the fact that Tocquigny sits in one of the largest, most expensive offices downtown and only employs about 40 people is insulting. You would think the principles would rather save money, jobs and reputation rather then stay in a swanky office and cut valuable resources.

  8. I’m sure Toc is regretting that lease, however long it is. Just like nFusion and probably a lot of other places. During the last downturn, bad leases helped speed the end of some agencies.

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